Website with portfolio of 1-3 creative work samples not to exceed 10 mins in length (for time-based work):
A Computer for Climate Crisis Coping (Finland) 2023

Using a revised artificial intelligence model trained with GPT3.5, this sculpture continually composes jokes about the climate crisis in the style of famous American and Finnish comedians. Futile as it may be, the computer pleads with the viewer to consider how we are implicated in crises and the various modes with which we assuage our anxieties on these pressing matters.

This work synthesizes seemingly divergent research tracks in digital technology and machine learning, with an investigation into humor and dark comedy, all of which are viewed through the lens of the climate crisis. This range of creative inquiry then seeks to delve deeply into questions about how we as humans create coping mechanisms, both through humor and through technology, forever responding to a looming climate reality.

These investigations are inextricably linked to philosophy of humor, which convincingly reminds us that both philosophy and subsequently humor (a philosophical reflection) begin in disappointment. In a sense all comedy is dark comedy, and at once philosophical reflection serves to cushion ever-present political and existential disappointment. We are compelled to answer back to our disappointing and infinitely demanding conditions. Here the artwork mimics our occasionally charming and often desperate attempt to appropriately respond to the news at once searching for a way to soften the experience, so often through humor, in a continued effort to find some way to joke about the state of things.

The intention behind the work is to both learn and guide the algorithms through data sets seeking out a project that does not merely sift through these trends and ideologies, but appropriately reflects the cross-cultural affect defined by a world at the precipice of interplanetary crisis.

Teaching Capitalism to Nature (2014-2019)

Applying ideas from Žižek’s discussions on overidentification, I perform the role of an economics educator and capitalist sympathizer who believes that we as a culture need both capitalism and nature, thus nature should do all that it can do to understand the needs of our current economic system. The absurdity of this gesture is meant to call attention to the way in which corporations, businesses, and those complicit have failed to acknowledge the damage caused by continuing to do business in such a careless way. Put bluntly, and to reiterate the absurdity, it is more likely that inanimate objects might learn about our economic systems than our economists might learn about the environment.

Exhibitions: (*Solo Exhibitions):
Grounding | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | New Media ArtSpace CUNY | ONLINE | Aug, 2023
All Florida Exhibition | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Alliance for the Arts | Fort Myers, FL, US | Mar, 2023
SouthXEast Triennial | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | FAU | Boca Raton, FL, US | Jan, 2023
“Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Bloomsburg University | Bloomsburg, PA, US | Mar, 2022*
What’s so funny about the end of the world? | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | MTSU | Nov, 2019
Challenge 14 | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Johnson Center for Art | Troy, AL, US | Nov, 2019
Educators as Artists | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Albany Museum of Art | Albany, GA, US | June, 2019
Art of the South | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Memphis College of Art | Memphis, TN, US | May, 2019
When the Winters Were Still Really Cold | “Teaching Capitalism” | Usable Space | Milwaukee, WI, US | Sep, 2018
Revisiting | “Teaching Capitalism ” | Davidson College Van Every Gallery | Davidson, NC, US | Aug, 2018
Re:Acclimating | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Kirkland Arts Center | Kirkland, WA, US | Jan, 2018

Film Festivals:
Caravan International Film Festival | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” 1” | Kolkata, West Bengal, India | Sep, 2022
Avalonia Festival | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Jacksonville, FL, US | Dec, 2021
Minute Madness Toronto | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” 1” | Toronto, ON, CA | Jan 18, 2021
Frostbite International Film Festival | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Colorado Springs, CO, US | Jul 2, 2020
Where is the Horse | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Nomadic Film Festival | Mar. 31, 2019
Signal Flo | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | SL8 Gallery | Gainesville, FL, US | Nov. 30, 2018
UNCG International Sustainability Shorts | Greensboro Project Space (GPS) | Greensboro, NC, US | April 19, 2018
One Minute Artists Festival North Wales | “Teaching Capitalism” | Castle Square, Caernarfon, UK | Feb. 24, 2018
Denial as the Leading Principle | “Teaching Capitalism” | Cinema Dordrecht | Dordrecht, Netherlands | Nov, 2017
Block Film Festival | “Teaching Capitalism to Nature” | Logan, UT, US | Oct, 2017

Honorable Mention Award | All Florida Exhibition: 2023 Outstanding Achievement | Caravan Film Festival: 2022
Best Environmental Documentary, Avalonia Film Festival: 2021

Davidson College Permanent Collection (2018)

Unrequited Leisure (co-founder and co-director)

Unrequited Leisure is an artist-run space first opened in Downtown Nashville and later in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, with extensive offerings in our traditional space, an alternative flagpole gallery space and a website that hosts online exhibitions. Unrequited Leisure focuses on emerging and mid- career artists that explore interdisciplinary approaches to critical and topical investigations.

Exhibitions in the gallery, online, and through our flagpole gallery are programmed and organized in collaboration with artist and scholar Chalet Comellas. In the 2019 season, Unrequited Leisure staged

15 exhibitions, one night of contemporary dance performance, and three short-film screenings. Since then, the gallery has hosted 10 or more group and solo exhibitions per year and focused on alternative exhibitions strategies during the COVID 19 pandemic.

In additon to extending my research practice, Unrequited Leisure serves as an important part of my continued service to the profession. We identify the significance of plurality and diverse voices and since opening in 2019, more than ninety percent of the artists shown at Unrequited Leisure are from historically underrepresented populations in contemporary art.

Exhibitions are archived at:

Selected Exhibitions (Lead curatorial role)

Recital | Maya Man Solo Exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Jul+Aug, 2023
Displacing | Group Exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Feb+Mar, 2023
Electioneering | Group exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Oct+Nov, 2022
Mediating | 2-artist group exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Sep, 2022
Under One Sky | Sophia Brueckner solo exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | April, 2022
Perpetual Gender Expansion | Alternative solo exhibition for Riv Curry | AIRSpace Projects | Feb, 2021
You Need Help | Lea D Sorrentino solo exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Oct, 2021
Memory Work | 3-artist group exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Jun, 2021
Post: Processing | mail-art exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Feb, 2021
JPEGS | Website and interactive exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Aug, 2020
<i>also</i>tubes | 5-artist group exhibition | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Feb, 2020
do-over | 7-artist group exhibition | Good Sport Gallery | London, ON, CA | Jan, 2020
Anxious to Make | Screening selections collective | Unrequited Leisure | Nashville, TN, US | Jan, 2020
do-over | 7-artist group exhibition | Nashville, TN, US | Jun, 2019

Selected Mentions and Reviews in print and online

REVIEW: Needle in the hay at Unrequited Leisure | Ruckus Journal, Joe Nolan, 2023
Raheleh Filsoofi’s Video Installation Is a Meditative Mouthful | Nashville Scene, J Nolan, 2022
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