The 29’s – Saturn Return

Faced with the possibility of becoming an adult, per Internet astrologists, I started thinking about my role as an educator, and perhaps my role as any adult among adults. Could I tell somebody how fire works? No. I did see on the Internet that you could rub two sticks together or go buy a lighter (trolls). Examples of things I couldn’t explain seemed endless. Natural things, though I had been marching up and down scenic spots, human things, though I had been a human for a long time and of course, a great defender of the humanities, but most notably, I felt like I didn’t know anything about moving parts, mechanisms, devices, or industrial things. I set out to learn about some of these things with a commitment to the psuedo-science that set me down this path. I created simple feedback circuits and listening tools for listening to moving parts, for observing sound through industrial relics, as if I might be ready for adulthood had I just listened a little more closely. I continue searching the Internet for tips on thinking about the 29’s and occasionally plan small tours or listening sessions for participants regardless of their relationship to Saturn’s orbit. “The Saturn Return is a wake-up call, and this is why so many fear it’s sobering realities. If you’ve spent your twenties in a fog, coasting on your youthful charm, it becomes obvious that your foundation is too flimsy for the long haul. When you’re young, there seems infinite time to decide what you want to be “when you grow up.” Well, Father Time swoops down as you’re nearing 30 to say, you’re all grown up now, pick a path.”