Performance Scores

Based on largely banal tasks, a series of brief performance directions are compiled alongside simple illustrations meant to serve as graphic notation for everyday life. The scores range in style from deeply personal historical accounts of riding my bike to school at twelve years old through vague and uncertain predictive directions for my throwing rocks into my thirties.

The graphic scores are illustrated exploiting a set of digital techniques including visualizing an album’s waveforms, tracing cropped maps, or crudely illustrating a memory via software. The collection of scores takes on a peculiar role as an artwork, very simply illustrated, designed and printed – all the while serving to complicate or obscure ones own relationship to everyday life and history.

The book is an extension of a larger artistic process accentuating the tension between hi-fo and lofi sensibilities. The graphic notation in the book is conceived entirely using digital processes including glitch images, monotone designs, architectural sketches, and Google Maps. The final prints are low resolution mass produced books from a large-scale self publishing website, the product of which exists somewhere between a zine and a mass-produced digital collection.