Hope and Hopelessness

The work “hope and hopelessness in the age of bits” is a single channel video and stereo sound work made by Clinton Sleeper and Audrey Love.

In this age of bits, we have unfettered access to technology that tells us what is happening now, rigidly loyal to the present, suspicious of the future.

We have allowed these machines to dictate our past, but we don’t have (or have not developed) means of knowing our future. In our youth, while waiting for destiny, we would distract ourselves with games that we believed could allude to a hopeful future.

So now we find ourselves unsure about what is to come, and the only certainty that we have lies in our past. Our millennial generation has witnessed a cultural transformation – we live in a time when we can barely adapt to one technological form before its superior arrives six months later, three months later, tomorrow.

robotversusfuture addresses the future by clinging to the past.